Thursday, 4 August 2016

Dating Someone With Anxiety

After my post about social anxiety it seems only right to write this post. As I struggle in every social situation possible I can't help but think want it would be like for someone to date me. So I've found an article (click here) which explains the 20 struggles you go through when dating someone with anxiety. It makes you think of everything they struggle with and how this might affect your partner once you are dating.

So I've gone through and looked at some of the main points made in the article. So firstly is understanding that someone with anxiety needs a list of every day activities that must be completed. The only way to reach peace is if and when everything is completed on the list. Which connects to another point made in the article about relaxing. Relaxing feels like a waste of time, when you know you can do something more important and productive. There is no such thing as relaxing which is why a plan of the day is so important.

The article also explains that you need to be able to read your partner, to understand when they are freaking out and to whether you need to either leave them alone or if they need to be comforted. Feelings will vary but it's good to understand when you are needed and when you aren't.

Another point explains that even the smallest things are the end of the world. Someone with anxiety will struggle with even the smallest things like even a simple work project and getting it done on time. To them it's the end of the world and will make their heart race. When you may think it's silly, understand to them it's important and is stressing them out.

You will always have a drinking buddy. For someone with anxiety alcohol can provoke it or you may enjoy the night out but the next morning feel sick with worry. For me, it's the over thinking if I said something (which I know I haven't) but then over analysing everything that happened to what people thought of me or what I said.

You also may find your partner overwhelming. When they become very anxious they can talk too fast and have scattered thoughts. It's important to listen the best you can and remain the calm one in the difficult situations in order to support them the best you can.

It has taken me about three days to write this post because I didn't know what to write at the end. But I guess you could read through this post find it helpful or maybe you won't, but I guess the main thing to take from dating someone with anxiety is, it is important to stay patient with your partner. He or she doesn't do it intentionally.

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Sam x