Thursday, 3 September 2015

Talking about Body Image

Before I even thought about discussing body image as my first ever topic, I had to look up what it actually meant. What is body image? And what I found was that body image is the way you see and feel about yourself but I always thought it was mainly based on how you actually looked rather then your feelings towards your appearance.

Now you can either feel positive or negative about the way you look but it's very common for anyone and everyone to struggle with body image. There is NO such thing as a perfect body or appearance. Everyone is different and not many people can understand that we are ALL different shapes or sizes, unlike what the media portrays as the 'perfect' body image.

If you had asked me when I was younger (aged 16) I would have said I hated my body and why can't I look like that TV star or that model. Truth is, I will never look like a model and honestly I don't want too anymore. Now (aged 21) I feel more positive about my body, even though there are still some things I'd like to change.

Another point that needs to be made is if you are a certain size you are then seen by the media to be overweight, lazy and unhealthy. What actually gives anybody including the media the right to judge anybody on their appearance and size? They make teenagers feel like they have to be the 'perfect' size making them feel ashamed of their body and lowering their self esteem.

For some people appearance is everything and it is rather important to celebrities. In the case of Liam Payne I can't help but remember the time in the media when they were saying that he had put on some 'weight'.... If he is happy with his body, then why does the media have the right to bring it up? The problem is for the media that Liam Payne can look and feel however he wants, it doesn't matter if the media thinks he has put on some 'weight', he is happy with the way he is and that is all that matters.

I could rant on about body image for ages, but the whole point of this post is that it is difficult to accept and feel positive about your body.

Especially when society and the media judges you and the way you look. This then creates the negativity you feel towards yourself. This cycle has to be broken. I know it's easier said then done but try and overpower the negative thoughts.

Accept yourself and accept your body.
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Thanks so much for reading.

Sam x