Sunday, 10 January 2016

Make Up vs No Make Up

For many years I never understood why girls at school would cover their faces with make up, I just never got the need to do it until now. Being at a university that is dominated by boys and when the girls have to stick together, I began to realise that out of the 30% of girls that go to my university I am the only one who didn't wear make up. It wasn't until my 2nd year at university and the age of 20 that I have started to wear make up. And why you ask? Let me explain.

Many of you will think you shouldn't have changed who you are to fit in and the truth is at the beginning that's exactly what I did. I can remember multiple times when I would be sat at lunch during secondary school and one of my friends would pressure me into letting her do my make up. The truth is I felt like and sometimes still do think, what is the point in making the effort?

I didn't decide magically one day to start wearing make up on a regular basis, I had to practice and see what make up was best to use for my Summer Ball 2015. As I have sensitive skin I could have been allergic to something and wearing it the day when I was due to 'dress to impress' would have been a terrible idea, as I could decide to have a random rash attack and my face swell up to the size of a watermelon.

Like the same as everyone there is that particular guy that I wanted to impress so therefore I took myself off to buy make up for the first time in 20 years. Honestly, I didn't know what half the stuff was and still don't *facepalm*. Finally when I had picked out a few products I was going to try, I went to the self checkout and half the products wouldn't scan so I was there an extra 30 minutes but in the end I made it out alive!

As I was a beginner I just put on eye shadow and mascara when I got back before I continued my university assignment that was due the next day *oops*, as I am slow and have the attention span of a 3 year old I went up a few levels in the student accommodation I lived in to go to my friends flat so we could finish the assignment together.

It wasn't until I knocked on the door I realised I was still wearing make up and it was too late to turn back and take it off. All of a sudden, I felt nervous about it. Would she make a comment? What if she laughs? Maybe I put it on wrong?

She didn't do any of those things. She smiled and noticed immediately and gave me a compliment. For someone who had never worn make up that was a big moment for me. But I still can not bring myself to wear make up everyday and I honestly never will be one of those people who does. It always depends I will wake up one morning and will make the effort and sometimes not. I am honestly too lazy in the morning to be up early and do my make up for hours.

So I didn't do it for the attention or the pressure of fitting in with others, it's hard to explain but sometimes it's just nice to make the effort even if I still am wearing my jeans and a hoody.

So make up or no make up?

Seriously both.

Let me know what you are below, make up or no make up?

Sam x