Thursday, 1 September 2016

A Trip To Selhurst Park

As a early birthday present for my dad I brought him tickets to see Crystal Palace vs Blackpool where Crystal Palace won 2-0 in the EFL Cup second round.

So we made the journey to Selhurst Park, traditionally parking the car and walking 10 minutes to the stadium, we arrived in time to buy burgers and chip before taking our seats. 

Now if I could go to every Palace game I would. Unfortunately being a student and change of circumstances means I can't afford a season ticket and can only get home tickets, when and if I can for my dad's birthday or my own.

I wish I could have got better pictures but my sister is obsessed with one player called Yohan Cabaye  and I gave her my phone to take some pictures for me as she was in a better position. So of course she decided it was best she just take pictures of him.

I love going to football games! I had a season ticket when I was younger with my dad and sister so I have so many childhood memories there. One of my life goals when I'm earning enough money will be to buy seasons tickets for me and my dad!

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Sam x