Friday, 9 September 2016

Wembley Cup 2016

So as you may or may not know I work at Wembley Stadium, so I was able to work the Wembley Cup Final 2016! Where Spencer FC beat Weller Wanderers 7-4.

Kick off was 7:30 but turnstiles opened at 5:30. I obviously had to arrive early to be ready for the 18,911 fans who attended the event. I had to travel on the train and then the underground to get there as I'm traveling back to university for my third year on Sunday so I'm currently at home.

Worst picture ever! - Bakers Street

The atmosphere for this event was incredible. As a fan of some of the players this event I was so looking forward too!  Fan favourite has to be Joe Weller, I remember when he came over to warm up with his team and the screaming was insane! Also congratulations to Theo Baker for being EE Wembley Cup Player of the Match! Congratulations also to Spencer FC.

Wembley Stadium

Also streamed live you can watch it if you haven't or watch it all over again!

What YouTubers do you guys like? I seriously could spend all day everyday watching videos and never get bored!

Sam x