Monday, 28 November 2016

University Advice #2 - Nights Out

As a university student I have been on many nights out but I can't help but think why? Every week in the same place, with the same people, what is the point?

Now I'm not saying this isn't the way to have fun because for some people it is. For me personally, it's the social aspect that makes me go out every week to talk to people away from lectures and the boring discussion of assignments.

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It's ok to say no to a night out even if your friends will be going and they beg you to go. It's ok to miss out, something I probably have only just learnt to do.

Even though I'm from London and there are a million and one things I can do to have fun, as a third year student I just don't have the time anymore.

If you are in your first year, my main advice to you is don't miss any opportunities. Maybe set yourself goals in what you want to do during your first year because honestly when you reach your third year you migt not have the time (unless you are incredibly organised, unlike me).

When it comes to alcohol too, don't be afraid to go out and have a one drink or even non-alocholic. The student stereotype is 'we' go out and get drunk, you don't need to be like that. It's ok to say no to more than one drink, even if your friends think that means you are a bore.

I can speak from personal experience that it is alright to sit there, have one drink and just talk to people. Obviously this depends on what sort of person you are and if you love drinking then seriously go for it! However I know how tiring and the effort that comes with going out,  having to get dressed up, even predrinks and travel. Expensive and is now a massive decision and dedication to go out.

I feel like I am now a boring third year student but my main point is don't be afraid to say no to a night out. Whether you feel like you'll miss out on something or even the pressure from friends, ultimately it's your decision. If you like nights out and the whole club vibe then go for it but sometimes it's nice to have a break and a nice night in.

Sam x