Sunday, 13 November 2016

University Advice #1 - Local Area

Hi guys! Sorry it's been a while, I've been busy researching for my dissertation and my schedule is fully booked with assignments and work! I live an exciting life ha, but anyway on with the post.

I have decided to start posting separate posts on advice for university students, from experience I know that it can be overwhelming going to university. New areas and new friends can bring along amazing new experiences for you to get involved in whilst you study. Though it also brings new amounts of pressure from the workload and anxiety, but it honestly will be the best years of your life.

Wembley Stadium - Taken from Wembley Park Tube Station

My first advice for anyone starting university and too any first years out there is don't be afraid to explore your new local area. As you can see from my images I took earlier today, my local area is Wembley.

Most iconic which you should recognise is Wembley Stadium, along with Wembley Arena. Student life can get crazy on match and event days as all the local pubs and bars are full but for some people maybe this makes it better or some choose to stay inside and watch Netflix. 

Wembley Stadium

Wembley Arena

Right next to the stadium, is the London Designer Outlet which includes restaurants and designer shops. Where in my first year, age 19, I experienced my first ever Nando's and Subway!  

London Designer Outlet

If you get to know your local surroundings during your first year it will help you by firstly, being about to meet friends in new places and secondly, it may make you feel more comfort and reassurance. This isn't to say you have to do this but if you are like me and worry a little too much than you should about the smallest things, it just bring comfort just by knowing where you are. 

If you are a student going to university or maybe a student already please comment below any questions or ideas you have that I can include as 'University Advice #2'.

Like always thanks so much for reading! Stay strong and positive!

Love Sam x