Monday, 18 July 2016

Back-To-School Pressures

I'm not ashamed to say I struggled at school academically and socially. During my first year of secondary school I spent most of the time crying and wanting to go home as I didn't like the change between primary to secondary school.

So this is why I came up with the idea for this post and also as it is close or for some already the summer holidays. Some of you may be worried about returning or starting at school so if you believe you may struggle with this change hopefully this post will be some help to you.

I found a website that created a survey which 600 people took about their worries on returning to school.

32% said they worry about school work issues the most. This is only a natural feeling as you are now going to be studying at a higher level than you are used too but this doesn't necessarily mean you will find it difficult. Ensure you manage your time efficiently in order to make progress, stressing about it won't make a difference unless you act upon it. To avoid any trouble always start projects the day you get them so you are not trying to complete them last minute.

3% of people who took the survey were worried about extracurricular activities. This worry means you'll have to manage your time. However, if you are more worried about the social aspect of extracurricular activities there is no need to worry! From my own experiences school extracurricular activities is were you can make friends as they share your interest in that particular activity.

Another high percentage was 30% where people said they worry about social issues. You are not alone if this is where you believe you'll struggle, everyone will be put in the same situation as you. Whether you want to belong to a smaller or larger group of people, make sure you feel comfortable with the people you surround yourself with. The people you surround yourself with will be the people who support you through the ups and downs of school.

25% of people said they worry about appearance issues at school . This is also closely linked to social issues by needing to fit in and be accepted. Never try to hard to fit in, be yourself. In a school full of many people be yourself and not everybody else. The remaining 10% said they weren't worried about anything (lucky).

Everybody will experience back-to-school anxiety but I can speak from experience that it is never as back as you think. Don't over analyse, everyday will be different and take everyday as it comes.

Hopefully you found this post beneficial. Don't be a stranger, comment below if you have any opinions on back-to-school pressures. Thanks so much for reading!

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