Tuesday, 7 June 2016


After watching this video I knew it was something I wanted to share with you guys. This video which is of Em Ford or also known as My Pale Skin on YouTube is about comments she has received on social media platforms after posting photos of herself without make up on.

In my personal opinion this video highlights important issues that exist today in social media and issues surrounding body image. I have already written about body image here back in September 2015 but not in relation to make up. The You Look Disgusting film shows on a personal level comments received, some of the comments are very horrible to read and in my opinion completely ridiculous and uncalled for.

Negative comments on a post or even behind our backs is unfortunately something we all have to face in our lives. No matter how many times it happens, it doesn't make it any easier. Sometimes we need to look at how we treat people, in order to make sure we don't hurt other people's feelings.

The strength of Em Ford to post a video like this is incredible, I know it's strength that I know, right now I don't personally have. It's so important we have young people like Em Ford with strength like this to prove to everyone the issues surrounding social media within the comment sections.

You can brush off comments during the time but it doesn't stop you thinking about them a few hours later. We live in a society where everyone needs to have the perfect body, perfect hair and perfect skin to feel pretty or beautiful. Though we all know everyone is different and nobody should feel ashamed in the way they look.

This video shows her reacting to teens who are reacting to her film You Look Disgusting.

Everyone is different. And that's a good thing always be yourself and nobody else.

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Sam x